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Neurofeedback Brain Health, LLC

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Dr. Kathleen Rogers is a neurofeedback practitioner trained by the EEG Institute in the Othmer Method of Neurofeedback, also known as EEG biofeedback. iIt is an extremely powerful, yet non-invasive means of helping the brain to self-regulate. Using sensors and special software, we simply measure the brain activity and reflect it back through a video display. When we allow the brain to see its own activity, it can adjust and train itself for better physical and mental performance. Nothing is ever transmitted into the brain. We are only recording and feeding back information found within the EEG.

By improving self-regulation of brain activity, we help you function better cognitively, emotionally and behaviorally. This applies to children and adults suffering with symptoms like chronic headaches, or more serious conditions like autism or seizure disorders. It can also be a very useful tool for athletes, entrepreneurs or anyone looking to maximize their function and performance.

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