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Unlock your brain's potential:

"Our intellectual abilities and emotional resources can be considerably enhanced with neurofeedback training"

                Siegfried Othmer, PhD.

More about Dr. Kathleen Rogers, DNP

Dr. Rogers, DNP, FNP is a licensed nurse practitioner practicing in the Portland, Happy Valley area. After completing a BA in Sociology from UCSD,  and a nursing degree she went on to train at Stanford University as a family nurse practitioner. She was later introduced to the field of neurofeedback, an innovative therapy.

Completing a doctorate at the UMass, Amherst she went on to be trained in Cygnet Neurofeedback, EEG biofeedback at the EEG Institute. She has an extensive background of education, training, research and practice in clinical medicine, including brain health and the Othmer method of neurofeedback.

Her emphasis in treating patients is finding the root cause of each individual's challenge, helping the brain to heal through retraining, brain self-regulating, and health coaching.

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